Adopting from China + Because They Waited + Transitions


China: Regular Adoption Program  (12 hours of education)
This package is for families adopting through China's non-special needs program and fulfills 12 hours of required education.

Your package includes:

1. The Because They Waited™ education system
The Because They Waited™ education system is online with modules covering topics pertinent to individuals adopting a baby or an older child, internationally or through foster care. Modules present "The Science" in a user friendly format, followed by "The Parenting" which offers concrete parenting tools and finally, "Wrap Up, Review and Resources". Because They Waited™ provides two certificates of completion at no additional charge and provides 10 hours of Hague compatible education.

2. The Adopting From China course addresses topics pertinent to families adopting from China. 

  • Eligibility and process for adopting from China
  • Race and culture issues specific to Chinese adoptions
  • Special Needs & Medical Conditions
  • Transitioning a child home and more

Your purchase provides access for two parents to receive certificates of completion for 1 hour of training

3.  The Transitions, Developmental Challenges or Just Regular Kid Stuff? course
This 1 hour course addresses topics such as transitioning a child home, sorting out "regular kid stuff" from adoption related concerns along with ideas for parenting all of these.