Because They Waited


Because They Waited Education System

Helping Pre-Adoptive Parents
The Because They Waited™ education system is online with modules covering topics pertinent to individuals adopting a baby or an older child, internationally or through foster care.  Modules present "The Science" in a user friendly format, followed by "The Parenting" which offers concrete parenting tools.   "Wrap Up and  Resources" as well as study materials are also provided for each topic. Topics covered include:
  • Promoting healthy brain development
  • Sensory processing and sensory integration
  • Parenting to a child's "real age" vs. chronological age
  • Understanding the internal alarm
  • Building attachment
  • Race and Culture
The Because They Waited system offers the option of testing online for up to two certificates of completion at no additional chargeand provides 10 hours of Hague compatible education.
Helping Seasoned Parents
Because They Waited does more than just help families fulfill necessary requirements prior to adopting.  Many seasoned parents also find the system to be an invaluable resource that goes beyond adoption preparation and meets parenting challenges head on.