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**All courses are 1 price, 2 certificates.

Individual Courses

Parent Planning for Special Needs Adoption (2 hours)
Opening Up Open Adoption  (3 hours)
Talking to Your Child About Adoption  (2 hours)
Race and Culture
(1 hour)
Race and Culture with Discussion Boards  (1 1/2 hours)
Preparing to Adopt  (1/2 hour)
Adoption and School  (1 hour)
Prenatal Risk Factors and Adoption  (1 hour)
A Different Kind of Discipline  (1 hour)
Childhood Growth and Development 101  (1 hour)

Additional Packages

10 Hour Domestic Package
State Specific Packages (Virginia or Wisconsin)
Value Package:  5 hours of Adoption Education at a special price

Suggestions for Older Child Adoption

Understanding Trauma in Children  (1 hour) 
Discipline: Managing Your Child's Bid for Power  (1 hour)


SNParentPlanning 200 x 195              

 2 Hours of Education

Opening Up 360x459  

3 Hours of Education


  2 Hours of Education


 1 Hour of Education



1/2 Hour of Education

 adoption school 250  

  1 Hour of Education




1 Hour of Education



1 Hour of Education


1 Hour of Education


10 Hours of Education

state specific  


Learn More


1 Hour of Education

 trauma 250    


1 Hour of Education

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Value Package = 5 hours of Adoption Education